CBAP® & CCBA® 2.0 Workbook


Successful CBAP® and CCBA™ recipients did not need a replica of the BABOK® when preparing. They used blank sheets of paper as a starting point to guide them and help them decipher the concepts of the BABOK®.

How does this workbook help you prepare for the CBAP®/CCBA™?

Our workbook was designed by following the study pattern of successful CBAP®/CCBA™ recipients. It contains exercises that will challenge your comprehension of the BABOK® and will help you retain what you are learning.

No other study aid or guide will prepare you like our workbook. It provides you with a structured approach to learning the materials in the BABOK® 2.0.
Use this workbook to increase your learning ability, memorization, understanding of the BABOK® 2.0.

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Workbook Contains:

* Exercise to understand relationship of tasks, techniques and other components of the BABOK® 2.0.

* Fill in the blank for knowledge area definitions

* Matching exercises that will jog your memory

* Fill in the blank boxes for input/output diagrams

* Crossword puzzle to help you learn the key terms

* Practice questions for each knowledge area

* Bonus:

* Answer Keys

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